As a team of experienced agency planners and young energetic explorers, we enjoy expeditions into the dark areas of the consumers’ brains and dig out the most inspiring insights that will shape your brand strategy.

Our ways of hunting insights are bit unorthodox. We do not ask questions like most conventional research companies. We observe, we chat, we play.

It is no big news anymore that the people make their decisions with their emotional brains. But what is usually ignored by the research industry is that the emotional brain does not think with words but with images and analogies. That’s why we design our insight hunting methods mostly based on visual situmuli and projective techniques.

Finally, we don’t believe in highly structured mod guides and rigid questionnaires.  We thrive with the idea that the best insights come from friendly chats with the people at a place of their own choice. 

After all, we are not passionate about collecting data. We are passionate about strategic and creative insights that give life to your brand.